Falak, which means “sky” in Persian, is a form of mystical music found in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran and other Persian-speaking countries in the region. Falak concerns itself with the universal human condition, touching on themes such as life and death, happiness and despair, love, longing, and peace, and the paradoxes within them.

Many of these themes became traditions within the Sufi musical and poetic style over the past several hundred years, with Rumi, Shams and Omar Khayyam among the most notable poets of this expression.

Falak, Song of the Soul profiles three current Tajik musicians and their interpretations of Falak music. From their homes in the rugged but beautiful Pamir Mountains of eastern Tajikistan to performances at a three-day Falak concert in Dushanbe, the country’s capital, in 2004, the film presents the musicians Davliotor Kurbonmamadov, Musavar Minakov and Aziz Sabzaliev and their perspectives on Falak, in words and in song.