• Buzkashi!

    This ancient game to control a headless goat...

  • The Sweetest Embrace

    Imagine returning to your home after 16 years...

  • Falak, Song of the Soul

    Falak, a form of mystical music found in Afghanistan...

  • Herders' Calling

    Herders traditionally follow the seasons, moving...

  • New Projects

    Have a look at some of our new projects...

About Oxus Films

Oxus Films was created out of a passion for sharing ideas across cultural boundaries, making what may initially appear foreign a bit more familiar. Through wonderful human stories we may recognize that the seemingly different people in the films are just ourselves, but in different circumstances. Oxus Films produces independent films but also offers writing, filming, editing and photography services for projects with partners in government, NGO and commercial sectors.

"Oxus Films offers a window into the lands of the ancient Oxus River. The Oxus is also known as the Pyanj River or the Amu Darya on more recent maps.

We love Central Asia. We have produced four documentary films in the region: Herders' Calling (2004) in the Kyrgyz Republic; Falak, Song of the Soul (2005) in Tajikistan; The Sweetest Embrace: Return to Afghanistan (2008) in Afghanistan; and Buzkashi! (2012) in Tajikistan. It's just that kind of compelling place.

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  • ReviewImg

    By: The Globe And Mail

    The Afghanistan war has introduced us to buzkashi, a sport in which a melee of competing riders on horses wrestle for possession of a calf’s head instead of a ball. Canadian filmmaker Najeeb Mirza’s handsomely photographed documentary focuses on the Tajikistan version of the sport.

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  • ReviewImg The Sweetest Embrace

    By: Omar Mouallem

    Amir make back to their homeland of Afghanistan, which they were driven out of 16 years prior during the Soviet occupation. Afghanistan is portrayed in both a harsh and beautiful light as constant news reports of violent attacks are heard amidst the beautiful landscapes that have not yet been completely ruined.

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