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Buzkashi Boys Oscar Nomination

Our friend Ariel Nasr and team made a wonderful short fiction film called Buzkashi Boys and are up for the Oscars. Here's a trailer of their film: www.buzkashiboys.com. Though they didn't win at the Oscars we're thrilled that their film was recognized at the highest levels. Do go see it!



Live Buzkashi in California!

It's true, buzkashi is played in California (see video here: Buzkashi in California). The teams, made up of former US soldiers posted to Afghanistan, members of the Afghan diaspora and others, play the international rules with 4 players aside, unlike the Tajik version where 200 or more horses take to the field and every man plays for himself. And you can breathe a sigh of relief - in California they don't use a real goat.

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